Co-owning is a different and independent Swedish fund management company managing alternative investment funds within real estate.

We dare to make unpopular choices as long as it benefits our investors.
Our interest in finding the best real estate investment opportunities are shared with our investors - Cause when we do good, our investors do good.

When you invest in Co-owning Global Fund, your money is in the hands of real estate experts with several years of combined professional experience. We are firmly committed to maintaining our standards for quality – each investment is subjected to a thorough underwriting process and fewer than 2% are approved.

Our mission is to make the best real estate investments available for everyone.
All types of investors can join us and take part of the most lucrative opportunities in Sweden, Norway and Spain without having to be professional investors.

Our investment philosphy is simple, finding investment that is undervalued by the market, but where we identify values to be recognized in the future. Investments that will offer a big potensial profit compared to the risk.

Our goal is to be the worlds best performing real estate fund with 15% ROE pr year.

Welcome to our world!

When we own portions of outstanding businesses with outstanding managements, our favorite holding period is forever
— Warren Buffet