The co-owning fund

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For many decades this investment has generated consistent wealth and long term appreciation for millions of people.
Depending on the location of your real estate, you can enjoy sizable returns on your investment.

History shows us that investing in real estate has given the best profits. If you compare the real estate market in for exapmle Sweden with the swedish stock market the last 10 years, you will see that the stock market has given out an average profit of 3 % pr year.
The stock market also took 7 big hits during those 10 years where the stocks fell hard compared to the swedish real estate market who only had 1 big fall. 

Our goals and how we are going to do it:

Our goal is to make a 15% average pr year in returns on our investments.

We are going to do that by buying real estate that has been taken over by banks, new building projects, transform buildnings for business in to homes and give out loans with the property as a mortage most foremost in Spain, but also in the United states.

Our goal is that our fund will grow and that we will be managing 5 billions within 4-5 years.

Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can`t buy what is popular and do well
— Warren Buffet